Ascension Message for Winter Solstice

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Ascension Message for Winter Solstice

Published by MArcturus in Messages · 20 December 2019
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Well what a Year it has been. I remember thinking in March, that the spring Equinox will be in a few days’ time and here we are now and it’s Winter Solstice. Where has this year gone?
1. Well for One thing, it has gone into Building up Our 3rd/5th Dimensional Body/Mind relationship. Enabling us to spend a lot of our day with our Consciousness in 5D. It is actually quite transparent inasmuch as we no longer notice or are feeling the difference quite as much as before.

2. We are also much more in tune with those gifts that we now virtually take for granted every day. I have been saying for a while now that we have been given new qualities this latter part of the year and some of us can now do quite amazing things. All of us are still honing these new abilities but because they usually lead us into and onto yet another aspect of what we have been working on, it can often get missed or be unnoticed.

3. We are far more ready and able to just go with the flow now, as we have seen so many changes for the better this last 12 months. Don’t get me wrong for most of us it has not been easy to cope with all this “Letting go of Old Dross”. The changes made to and for us are now finally coming to fruition. At least the signs of this, as probably it will be Spring Equinox before and real changes occur.

4. I always tell people, including myself at times, “to Stay in Your Heart” and that is still the best advice I can give at this time. It has a lot more dynamic effects though if you can also “Love People as they are Now”. Accepting each Being as they are for whatever reason they have become like this, is not easy but it is a gift worth acquiring. Needless to say, this has to begin with YOU, Love Yourself exactly as you are, warts and all. Most people just want to Love and Be Loved don’t we? There is an Old saying I use regularly ” Man Know Thyself” well I also will be using this one a lot more, that is “Human LOVE Yourself”.
Solstice Blessings xxx

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