Bringing Light into the Worlds

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Bringing Light into the Worlds

Published by Marcusba in Messages · 8 December 2018
So this is the season of us bringing Light into the world and some of us each year celebrate various ways to do this. There is the Hebrew Chanukah, the “Festival of Lights”. Diwali which wiki states "Diwali symbolizes the spiritual victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance." Also of Course Christian festivities, which bring Light into the world."
We can think about what we refer to as the Beginning of all things, The Big Bang or in Lurianic Kabbalah what we refer to as Tzimtzum, to help understand this process. One thing though that is obvious when we do think of all this is that. For us to Have LIGHT, we must First have Been in Darkness. If there is only Light at first we could then see the darkness after it became manifest. However what we read about in our literature of past thinking, tell us that Light was the Thing that was created in an already Dark existence.
Genesis states
1. “In the Beginning God created Heaven and the Earth.
2. Now the Earth was unformed and void, and Darkness was upon the face of the deep; and the Spirit of God hovered over the face of the waters.
3. And God (Elohim) said: “Let There be LIGHT” And there was Light.
4. And God saw the Light that it was good; and God divided the Light from the Darkness”.
So most of us, cannot and do not fully understand all that is meant or implied in these verses above, however it is stated that First there was Darkness.
One reason I am going over this point is to stress that Darkness does not equate to evil, bad, or negative on its own. It is very true that we always, me included at times, use this term to describe the negative aspects especially relating to our lives. It is in fact “The Absence of Light”, and as such does not know any better than that, until Light has been introduced into it. Ok so this is all very deep and needless to say will take a lot of pondering if you so wish.
I was asked to put out a new Blog relating to us Bringing Light into the Worlds and this is what came through:

First came the Darkness the NoThing, which enabled Light to be seen.
We are Beings who Created All in the Physical and other Worlds you know of.
We are Not Archangels but Emanations of the Source, and a collective consciousness. This is how you are able to connect with us.

Question: “What is the best way for Humans to bring more Light into Our Worlds?”
Answer: “What you are doing sending Love and Light into the World is a big help. Also connecting up to your Higher Selves and so the Source, yourselves is very important, as you can bring this Heavenly Light into your Worlds. Like in your Tai Chi, you must also try to keep clear. Do not get sucked into bad tempers or Bad Feelings of a negative type. Keep Light as you said in an earlier Blog. Every time you get down and negative you are feeding the darkness Nature of Things. Every time you change that around and see the Light in all things, then you alleviate the darkness more, and allow more Light through into your Worlds. All your Worlds are connected to the Source through the Love Channel in You. You can raise to that channel and bring the light through that way also.”

Out from the Darkness Into the Light
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