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Why is all this happening. Why Me?

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There are just so so many people today who are wondering “What the Heck is happening, Why is my life so full of hassle and mayhem”. These are not necessarily people who would normally be travelling the Spiritual Path either. Everyone at this moment in time is feeling something going on. It is affecting everyone in the ways that they need to help them get to their next node or resting place in their lives. If for arguments sake the lesson that your Soul requires is how to be compassionate to others, then the challenges that are coming into your lives are ones that will aid you in this quest. Let us look at an example taking in this case Selfishness as the lesson. Every day near enough things are happening to put this in front of you, here is an example of what may happen.
“You’re at work and your friend says he has forgotten his sandwiches and is starving hungry.” Your Lovely partner has made you extra sandwiches today and a big piece of pie. However instead of offering your friend to share some of your lunch, you just force it all down till you feel too full. Later in the day your friend has to go home early as he feels faint. It turns out he had nothing to eat since a very early breakfast. Your boss approach you and says that you will need to work late tonight to help catch up the work your friend has left, which will mean you will miss that football match you so looked forward to watch. Even now after this retribution you still don’t get it and curse your mate for being sick. You have to work really late and on the way home your friend calls you and thanks you for finishing his work and apologises for having to go home sick. He then tells you the reason he had no lunch was that his wife, whom you know very well, is sick and he had to look after her and get the children ready for school and feed and look after her before rushing off to work. In fact he only had a cup of tea himself that morning. So Now you get it The Guilt, It finally hits you what a right so and so you have become. “Oh No how and why have I become so selfish, I should have given him some of my lunch, he would have given me some. I just stuffed it all down till I was too full.”
So the wise Man will learn from this and if anything like this ever happens again he will know what to do. To share what he has even if he only has a little. This will also have the added benefit of making him feel good for sharing and not being so selfish. Also it will remind him of how he felt in the first instance when his friend got ill. He will have become a better person and his Soul will have fulfilled its lesson.
The less wise man will just do the same thing and carry on being a selfish glutton and probably get too big and have big health problems because of it.
In this age of Ascension, we are All having to learn a lot of this stuff fast or just be left behind. It is up to you which one of the above that you wish to be, personally I would rush towards the 1st option.

Notice I have said Man above that is because as any woman will tell you. They are born to Share.
To share their bodies and time and emotions, with their Offspring’s and loved ones. It is just the wayitis.

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