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Arcturian Message

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Dear Ones open your Hearts and let the Love inside Shine Out. Before we do this though we need to make sure that, there is an Abundance of Love in there.
You can have your Door to your house open, but if it is filled with anguish and pain. Then you cannot expect others to feel better when they walk past.
Therefore, we must fill our Hearts with Love and Light at this time. Then when we Open Our Hearts to Others, they can feel the Love and Light that is being Radiated to them.
So the first thing we all need to be doing now is Loving Ourselves. Emptying and Cleansing our Vessel so that we can let the Love Light Shine out and be Radiated to all who come close. Also, we can just BE and be sending Love to All of the Worlds. The physical as well as the Ethereal, to all those Beings in and around Gaia. As Gaia is Evolving let, us not forget the Elemental Beings who are also Transmuting at this time. Send them Light and Love and Understanding.

Out from the Darkness Into the Light
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