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Connecting to the Divine

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One of the ways we connect to the Divine is through Joy. What we all need to try to do is keep ourselves at a very high Vibration and a very important and good way of doing that is by Keeping Our Hearts and Minds full of Joy. (Also, see previous message "Bringing Joy into your Life").
Young Children have the ability to do this by being in the Now Moment, even if you say at the end of summer holidays, “they are going back to school tomorrow”. They are not thinking about tomorrow and how horrible and strict it may be but in today and how lovely it is to be off school. The reality kicks in and they will be unhappy, but still in the Now. We need to try to remember this fine art and stay in the present. This is the Only Reality and Nothing else Exists.
Some of us have some ailments and pains and can wake up feeling sorry for themselves and Oh my Back, Legs, or hips etc. It is quite a natural thing to do this and will be dependent on the degrees of pain one is suffering. What I can say though is that we should all be trying to Focus on the parts of us that are ok and good instead.
“My Back is really sore ,however my legs and knees are good today and thankfully I can walk and talk and am able to get around and visit my friends and family” Of course it is all very dependent on the severity of discomfort but just try and do this and see if it makes a difference to you. Focus on the good in the Now!
When my friends ask how am I today, I usually reply with “I am so grateful as I woke up Breathing” This is so true and what a great start to any day. Instead of looking at the negative things, I try to focus on the positive. Ok some may say I have a lovely easy life, but my reply is and always will be “Life is What You Make it”.
When I visit Pevensey beach I nearly always find large and small stones in the shape of a Heart. Others may look at the same stones albeit from a different angle and see something else or just a stone. I am very much in my Heart and very Much in Love with:-
1. My Beautiful Wife
2. Our Beautiful Son
3. The Beings that watch over us
4. And of Course with The Divine, Creator of All Things and Consciousness- GOD.

Therefore, I transmit this into what I feel and See in the World and around me. Even when some things in the past have not always been so good I have always been able to Stay in My Heart and Generate and Transmit Love. See the Lovely words from The Dalai Lama below and see what you think.

Out from the Darkness Into the Light
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