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The Big One

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The Big One
Have you ever been on that big dipper that was at Blackpool Leisure beach in the 90s, it was awesome. Some friends of mine came to pick me up some 20 odd years ago in Liverpool on my Birthday and bundled me into their car for a surprise Birthday treat. Funny thing was that before we got there I had sensed were we were going to go. I somehow was able to put myself so far into the Present, into the Now Moment that when I was on the big dipper I was able to stay in the second of time I was in. It was amazing, and was if everything around me was in slow motion. I could see all those around me including my friends screaming in fear and trepidation, but I was so Ice cool and totally in the Moment. I still look at the pictures sometimes of that, event and am still amazed how I was so in the Moment we refer to as Now. If you have not experienced it, I am not sure that I could relate exactly how it felt except to say again that it was just as everything else was in near freeze frame. So what does this have to do with now? Nothing really I just wanted to share… No only joking. What it has to do with, this very moment since the Equinox and beyond, is that we are all now living in a different World than we did before. Have you not noticed that it all seems a bit surreal? It is so, so, important for us all to be trying to stay as much as possible in that Now Moment. We are now able to Create a lot easier, just by thought alone, no need for any ritual or ceremony. Just start to take note of this in your own lives and see what I mean. We are experiencing a lot of new Astral and out of body events sometimes in real time as we are living our day-to-day lives. Remember that being Ascended for now is still about living mainly here in the 3rd Dimension. However, our Consciousness is more attuned to the higher dimensions and our Self is being governed and regulated more by our Higher Self.
N.B. there have been and still are some very Powerful Downloads of LIGHT and this Light I have been told is All about us being more connected to UNITY. Also about clearing out any remnants of Old Stuff, we are still desperately hanging onto in fear of the Unknown. Yes, we are only or should I say still, Human. That means that we are still stuck in the way we have lived our lives over many millennia. It is however now time for us to Move ONWARDS and UPWARDS, and move towards our new Lives and ways of living with gusto and joy. Good Luck in your Journeys, and remember to be Kind to Your Self as well as those you Love around You.

Out from the Darkness Into the Light
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