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Arcturian Message

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We are not like you because we exist in a finer density than you. We can and are Everywhere at the same time (as you call it). So we exist always, everywhere that we have access to. Yes we too have limitations but to you that would not make sense. When you stay in your moment of Now, then you too have access to many other spaces or Dimensions as you call them. If you couple this with the Daat Chakra, then this is magnified 5-10 fold, depending on your level or ability to be empty. Your mentioning in past about “Enlightened”* also is relating to this. We are aware that this too is a new Concept for You but one as Our Ambassador you need to Master.

* My video and mentioning about Enlightened is relating to us letting go of old dross and thus we become Lighter and indeed Rise up and are closer to Source.

Out from the Darkness Into the Light
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