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Good Morning Dear Friends, what a Beautiful day, this morning I woke up Breathing and so am aware that there is nothing that I cannot achieve if I put my mind to it. We are all so Blessed to have been alive at this time in our evolution and given the chances to be of assistance in Mankind’s Ascension. Ok I know that some of you are thinking that this is not you I am talking about, well just have another look in the Ascension Mirror and you will see different. The thing is that for a lot of us just now we are being given many challenges. Some have a lot of Physical things occurring, aches and pains, bad backs sore throats colds strange pains in the joints Palpitations and so on. For others they are not sure if they are with the correct partner, if their relationships with parents was correct, whether or not they have the confidence to do things. In addition, we have the emotional traumas, of low self-esteem, lack of confidence, jealousy, anger and all the other things that show their heads this way… Well everyone it may help to know that you are not alone, everyone is having these types of challenges right now in differing degrees. The main difference for Us as Lightworkers and Wayshowers is that we can see WHY! It is all part of what is called the Ascension Process. Ascension affects us in waves, and these waves are set differently for each of us depending on what we can tolerate. The aches and pains are because we are burning off what I refer to as Spiritual Toxins. They are manifested to us as aches and pains and physical discomfort on the 3D plain, this is the old baggage we are letting go of so that we can Ascend. This is releasing through the means I have mentioned and in some cases, they are also letting us know that there are things we need to be doing or not doing for our Journeys. For those of you that keep saying why me, this is why. It is not as easy as saying ok I will just get off this Ascension Bus now! You had made the decision to do this before Incarnation and arranged for your Guides and Helpers to Assist you in this. The thing is that we all have come in with differing Physical bodies and needs and so each has different challenges. I do think that this too was calculated beforehand to help us reach our goals this Life. So My Dear Friends and Brethren, let us just get ourselves together and Shout ONWARDS AND UPWARDS  and put our Big Toes forward to embrace these Cleansings coming towards us. You may need to dig deep at times but it will soon all be worth it. Every time we overcome one of these hurdles, we raise our Vibration and allow new Beautiful Occurrences to Manifest for us. That is just the wayitis.

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