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One Step at a Time

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Hello Dear Friends and travellers. This July is probably going to be the most exciting and in some ways challenging month to date on our Ascension Journey. That is all to do with the Massive Shift that has taken place since the Equinox in March this year and leading up to this present date. As I have said before we are changing into 5th Dimensional Beings that is definite. However, we are still going to be Living in the Physical 3rd Dimensional Bodies we are in, for at least a while yet. The Shift is in Our Consciousness, which because our Vibration is so, so much higher now, we are actually like new beings. We are spending a lot more time being in and attached to the 5th Dimension. Our consciousness is existing a lot more in this and even Higher Dimensions Now. There is no doubt in my mind that a lot has shifted in the last few months and here are some of the things that are and have been going on.
• We are having old stuff, come back to haunt us. Some of this you will have forgotten about and maybe even thought it had been dealt with. Things like Old Hurts and Pains from past relationships. (Yes I had one of these recently wow it stings.)
• Lucid Dreaming
• Aching bodies, Exhaustion and not just from this extreme Heat of our Beautiful Summer.
• Even some medical challenges and Dis Ease as well as Emotional and Mental Stress and Fatigue.

One of the reasons for this is to see how we cope with these things. Have we learnt to stay focussed in our Heart Centres? Do we Truly Trust those BEINGS of LIGHT and LOVE that are caring for and Looking After Us? Have we remembered that it is not what is thrown at us, but "How we Handle It" that is most important.
So what we need to keep aware of is that these things, (if they happen to us*) are a "Means to an End".  We are in a very Important Transition Period of Time as we Transcend this Rainbow Bridge to our new Existence. Our New Way of Living, Learning, and indeed Teaching. Remember if you are reading this, it is because you too are a Way Shower. Sent to Incarnate here at this time to Help all those going through this process. So Stay in your Hearts and Trust and be grateful that you are Evolving into a new Lighter Being.
*N.B. Not all of us are going to be going through difficult periods or challenges. For some everything will be hunky dory and Life will be peaceful and calm.
Also at this Magical Time, we have been given new exciting Abilities and Gifts. Some are a lot more Psychic, some have found that they can Create Easier than ever before, just by thought alone. Also, being more trusting in these abilities coming through them. If your Heart and Mind are at One, then your powers of Creation are exponentially expanding now. Some of us are able to Channel at a fantastic Level and connect with Beings of Light and Love that have not been within our Reach before in this way. Others like myself are able to Transmit Incredibly Healing, Opening and Aligning Levels of Light, to assist those in the Ascension Process. The list will be growing now year-by-year as we are transcending into our new Light Bodies. Still here in 3D, but lifting out at will into our Light Bodies at will.
So what is the best way for us to Live through these changes?
I would Advise - ONE STEP AT A TIME. Stay in Your Heart and with Love and Compassion for YourSelf, as well as the World and Others.

Out from the Darkness Into the Light
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