Joy and Ascension

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Joy and Ascension

Published by Marcusba in Messages · 18 June 2017
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“Bringing Joy into your Life”
For most of this year, I have been coming across websites mentioning Joy. It has not been a word I have really Understood fully until recently. The reason I do so much better now is that finally, I have been able to Live my
True Life’s Purpose. It is also because finally, I have my perfect Partner and our Beautiful Son.
So what is Joy? The dictionary may state, Happiness-Delight-Pleasure-Bliss-Gladness.
I would say:

• Feeling as if you want to sing at any moment.
• Feeling a Great Expansion in and around your Heart Centre.
• Noticing a smile on your lips most of the day.
• Wanting to spread Love and Light to the World every day.
• Wanting to smile at people, you do not know.
• Something you can Only Feel and cannot really put into words.
• Being truly at One with the Divine Source.

All of the above can be expressions of Joy. Just as that famous gospel song says, Joy is related to the Heart and is an expression of True Love.
Bringing Joy into your Life should really be the Norm not the Exception. I think it is true to say that it is all down to your state of Mind and Being. Can you be Joyful when someone has just given you a speeding ticket and fine? Well some years ago, I was. I thanked the police officer for saving me from maybe having an accident or injuring someone or even worse. It was as if I had some sort of premonition and felt that I had been saved.
It is not easy to be able to stay in this state of mind.
However, in this present time of Ascension this really is something we will all need to Master.

So what is Joy?

• Of all the dictionary definitions it is Bliss that feels the nearest for me, feeling Blissful. In a state of Oneness with all of Creation. Seeing God in Everyone and everything, or more correctly seeing everyone and everything as part of God.

Where does it come from?

• From within of course, always from within. We tend to look outside of ourselves for these answers but these feelings are a reflection of our state of Being. Being Happy and Contented with Who You are Now.

How can we try to maintain it?

• By Understanding that “Every Day is A Blessing” and being grateful for all the little things. By having faith in the Beings of Light and Love that watch over you and ensure that, you receive all that you require when you need it. Also for all the little miracles that are made manifest for you.
Let me tell you something. If you really want to “See the Light”, you have to be Open to it first.

Out from the Darkness Into the Light
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