Living in the Now

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Living in the Now

Published by Marcusba in Deep Thoughts · 6 January 2021
An interesting observation came to me the other day whilst watching some people talking about Chi Kung. That is just how much nowadays that people are being convinced by others that they need to do this and that to become something else. e.g.
1. “If you want to become spiritually aware you need to meditate each day”
2. If you read this holy book each day you will become spiritually aware”
3. “To reach Nirvana you have to buy these expensive courses from me”
4. “If you practice these techniques each day your vibration will rise up”

Now I am not saying that doing some or all of these are not useful in assisting in one’s Spiritual awakening as for some people they will do that. However once you are awake to the other existence of things outside the normal, then you just need to be You. What I mean by that is that you may need to practice some techniques to awaken your inner Self, but the Truth that you are seeking is not Outside of you but Within You. We all came into this Incarnation being all knowing and then, got taught how to be alive. By our Parents our Teachers our Peers etc. All trying to bash out what we knew on arrival with what society classes as normal ways to live a life. This is a book in itself but nevertheless needs a mention.

In daily life when we muse over what we want or think, we need. We usually have a tendency to think forward or backward. Looking at what the future may bring or what the past has already had. I will give you an example. I recently bought a great fleece jumper, just what I wanted at a great price. After a few weeks I thought, maybe I should buy another as this one is so great and I may not be able to buy it again in the future. Sound thinking I thought, then I realised what had just transpired. Now I have a great fleece to keep me warm for many years. Tomorrow is not now and does not exist yet so why am I thinking of that? So I put my consciousness back where it should be, in the Now moment. Then I could fully enjoy the warmth, the feeling, the cosiness, of how it made me feel now. Ok it may not be the best analogy but it is just about us not leaving our nest of Nowness, which is our only Reality, to find something that does not exist.

I would think that this example is probably what some may call, insecurity and that is what I feel too. In spite of the fact that I do know better. What it is I do know is that once we have learned how to empty our cup to enable it to fill with light and Love (see recent videos). We just need to relearn how to Be in that Emptiness. It is about just that, being MT, which is no Mind, no Thought just BEING.
If you send me £ millions I will show you how to do this… No just joking, however I am going to let you all ponder on this for yourselves a while as this is what those who have not got the hang of this yet need more than anything else. As is usual with my thoughts. It is About Feeling not thinking how to Be this. Remember we are all part of the Oneness and have access to that.

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