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We are Made-Up to be here

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Around 2001, I had a sort of vision and was shown various things.  I was told and shown that we are all Androids. We did not as some say naturally evolve from a single cell. Humans in the physical sense were originally created by what some call Aliens. To those on their Ascension Journey we know them as Star Beings. They are highly evolved Spiritual Beings that existed in Physical bodies at one time in their evolution. Now they are mostly in 9th Dimension and above. They were tasked to Create Physical Vessels for the Souls of Human Kind who would inhabit the planet we call Earth. This was part of Humans Evolutionary path and they needed somewhere to continue this mission so that they could Become Human Beings Being Human. The Souls had migrated to several Worlds before but I was only given a glimpse of this one. There are Theosophical Teachings that actually allude to this when they talk of the 7 Rounds and 7 root races on 7 Worlds; We are supposed to be on our 4th round. *
My Personal view has always been that we had inhabited Mars before we came here. Human Life on Mars was destroyed, and today a lot of evidence is being shown to us in one way or another regarding Life on Mars.
I am digressing let us get back to the initial statement.
The more we find out about how our bodies work, the more amazing the whole subject becomes. Our bodies and cells can and do self-heal. As a Healer, I know that the Energy I transmit to People allows them to Heal Themselves. Same as any treatment be it medicine, massage, acupuncture, reflexology etc.
Our actual knowledge of how a lot of our body works is still a bit of a mystery to us. Especially the networks of the Spine and Spinal Column and Neural Networks. However when you see us as Androids, it does actually start to make a bit more sense. You may even start to see how the systems of the body are working like machines, albeit very sophisticated ones. All this so far has only touched on the Physical body, but we have other more subtle bodies as well do we not? These will be mentioned in a further article.
So that is it, we are all machines. Like any machine then with moving parts, the principal of MTBF - Mean Time Between Failure, governs us in the physical sense. There are of course things that we can do just as we would for a car for example to keep it running as well as can be for as long as possible. For example, Maintenance and Service are two such things. Exercise, Tai Chi, Acupuncture, Massage, Yoga, etc. The list is long and what may be suited for one may not be so for another.
We also need Fuel and the best fuels for a Human are Good Clean food, Healthy atmosphere and of course LOVE and Joy. Of these, I would say that LOVE is the most important fuel for us, especially if we are more connected to our Higher Selves or Souls. I feel it is akin to the Manna from Heaven that the bible talks of. The more we can stop thinking about ourselves and our own worries and practice Self Love the more we are also feeding those around us and then all the other souls on this world. The more we can send out Love and Light to Gaia the Healthier and better maintained she will become. Although at this time we do not fully understand just how this works, it will soon be proven by science, as will everything else here mentioned. At least that is my view and I believe it, it is only that though until it resonates with your Heart and then it may become yours too.
Solstice Blessings and have a lovely Celebration this Christmas holiday or whatever you are celebrating and maybe you will see the Light of Love that the three Wise Men saw that night. For me this was the LOVE of God for us to evolve to be what we are now becoming. Human Beings, Being Human.

Out from the Darkness Into the Light
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