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Every Day is a Blessing

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So after a Healing today I was made to realise that the Important thing is that the person feels good after a healing session. Not to think that they have been cured or are better. They need to start to feel good every or at least most days. Having Joy in your life is where we all need to try and be now even when sick. It is great to see people recovering from their symptoms and especially pain. However, people sometimes are just not going to recover from their Dis Ease, for one reason or another. I believe that everyone has a time slot, when they need to, or have the inner choice to, Move on to their next phase so to speak. That is just the wayitis.
It is easy to sit here in good health telling someone with a terminal illness that their Passing over or pain they are suffering is to help their Souls reach a Higher purpose. However much that may seem to be the Truth from your understanding. Most people will not be able to thank you for that. Every day on Earth is a Blessing I always say, even though some days feel more so, than others. The one thing you can guarantee the moment you are born is that you are also going to die. Usually without a warning or time to get things and yourself in order. For those like me that believe in other dimensions of living besides the physical realm, this is taken as read. However, No Thing that has ever Lived wants to die, you try killing MRSA or a flea and you will soon get what I am saying. So for most Healers especially when treating a dear friend, it does not really come into your consciousness that you may fail and that he or she might pass over. The fact is even the healthiest people who practice intense spiritual practice still pass over, someday.
So why not accept this Truth, that Every day is a Blessing and become aware of How much a part of the Great ONEness we ALL are. Try to connect to your Inner and Higher Self through a process that suits you, such as meditation or just sitting quietly in reflection. Understand that “Today is a good day to Die” but if you live to say that in the morning then it is still the Truth. I say this with Love and Compassion in my Heart as I have experienced the death of Very Beloved Ones, Old and Not so old. When one reaches a certain awareness though you start to realise just what is most Important. That is to make the most of:-

• What you Have,
• What you have been Lent,
• Who You Are,
• Who you Love and
• Who Loves You.

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