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Love your Life.

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Where we are now!
So we are now in an Ascended vibrational state. What this means is that we have a myriad of opportunities to Live the Life we are truly going to Love. We have had our vibrations raised to such a level that we are living consciously more in 5th Dimension that 3rd. This will finally switch over at the Equinox and this will have various different effects on us all. All the things in our lives that do not vibrate at this higher level, that have up to now been a big part of our lives will obviously no longer serve us. They will be sticking out like a sore thumb. We have all probably been going through this cleansing the last few months or weeks, both emotionally and physically. Manifesting in ways such as:-
• Not knowing how you want your life in regards your work to move forward.
• How your relationships are feeling at this time, is your partner the right person to support you as you move forward? Are you the right person to support them etc.?
• Are you still on the correct spiritual path for your Ascension right now? Is your journey fulfilling your spiritual aspirations still?
Some of the Old stuff is still there and showing itself to you even more. The old pains and guilt’s and so called mistakes and missed opportunities. We thought these had been dealt with and on the surface level they had, however for us to move on we have to finally clear away the deeply rooted emotions and feelings that are still binding us to 3D. What’s more, we have been forced to re-look at all of these to enable us to do this. Also, remember that all the things that happen to us on our Life’s Journey are given to us to enable us to get to where we need to be.
Another very noticeable thing is all the synchronicities that are happening for us. Everything that is of the Highest good for you will be just falling into place for you. The opportunities that will be opening up will be coming towards you, you will no longer need to Search them out. It is of course entirely up to you as to what you do and if you actually catch these as they fall in front of you.
All of this is culminating in the fact that we have been given the chance to finally be “Who we came here to Be”.  You may finally be shown that you can now become;-
• A Spiritual Artist and also make enough Money from this and fulfil your dreams.
• A full time Healer and spiritual Guide.
• A Spiritual Teacher and Guide for Children.
• A Writer of books that will help people with the things that you have been able to Master.
• Someone that can find the time to Heal the World every day.
The list is endless and only you know what this will be for yourself. The thing is that it is not guaranteed that you will be able to take these opportunities that will be entirely up to you. Only that they will be made Manifest for you to take them.
Also let us not forget that behind all this and working endlessly to enable all these things to happen for us are those Beings of Light and Love, our Angels and Guides. The more we become who we are meant to be, the higher the vibration of Gaia. The easier for Her and Our Ascension into our new Spiritual World. So let us go forward and “Live the Life we Love” and “Love the Life we Live”.

Out from the Darkness Into the Light
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