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Letting Go

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Letting Go

In my recent Ascension Guidance Workshop, one of the things we worked on was letting go of old things. It is just a fact that if we want to step up towards the 5th Dimension we need to let go of some of the dross that has been Binding us for Oh so long. We went through some ways of doing this and I feel with some success. This is not something that is done today and forgotten tomorrow. One has to be forever diligent in this practice and release of old blockages. Let me give you an example, the best example is to tell you what happened to me yesterday. So I am chatting to my Beautiful wife, I asked her to do something for me, and she refused and said that I can just do it myself. Without going into it, it was related to social media, which I do not like to use. I immediately felt angry, upset, and raced off upstairs to go and do something else. Later after we kissed and cleared the air, I realised what had happened and went to work on it. As I have said before it is not always easy to look at things as they are happening, as the emotions are high and taking over. So when I did I realised that what had upset me was that I was not getting my way. I was behaving like a 4 year old who is only used to getting his own way and going into tantrum when he does not. By behaving the way I did, I was putting ripples into the Love Light Layer that we all contribute to, each and every day. In every action and thought, we create. I who should have known better was not staying or Being in the Moment, the Now. Then I realised that this was indeed My Lesson, what I need to focus so much more on. I am not going to be too hard on myself because Only GOD is Perfect, and I am only striving to reach near Perfection. However, I will be being a lot more diligent and aware of this now. And that is the wayitis…

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