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Into the Light

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There are two opposing forces in creation call them yang and yin if you like. There is the Darkness and there is the Light. We can easily see how Fear is linked to the darkness along with selfishness, greed and the like. It is also easy to see how Love is linked to the Light along with giving, sharing and compassion etc. If you are the sort of person who watches the news and trawls social media I am sure you will come across lots of doom and gloom regarding the days we are in. There are a lot of people who relate to a massive conspiracy going on regarding the 1% of the richest people in the world who are making things come to pass to fulfil their own self-centred Agenda. There are religious zealots who think that their interpretation of the holy word is bringing the World to an end. Personally I have to add I am very wary of being involved in any group activity that refers to any of the negative things mentioned above, as it just fuels the negativity, but that is just my take on it. There are also a very lot of people who just say WTFh is going on (Sorry What the Flipping heck is going on). Well you may all be right or just some of you may be right. However if you are spending your days being alive thinking constantly of doom and gloom, what do you think is going to Happen? It is pretty obvious if you understand the power and might of Human Thought. When you want to make changes for the better the best way to achieve this is by positive thought. We are all Co-Creators now are we not? By thinking that you can make a difference by thinking good thoughts is a lot different from fretting and worrying about the Darkness in the World. When you do that you just get sucked in to the Darkness and give energy to that Darkness, making it stronger.
The last few years has seen a vast increase in the amount of spiritually aware people trying to make our world a better and safer place for all. Altruistic folks who understand that being a good Human is about Being in their Hearts, doing things for the greater good and helping those around them. What I and others refer to as”Light Workers”. In most communities and I can especially see this where we live. Everyone is volunteering to help wherever they can. Some of these people even slightly vulnerable themselves due to their age, still thinking about others.
It certainly shows the Best of how people can be, especially the British folk who are used to this in times of crisis. Pulling together for the Greater Good, is definitely one of our greatest attributes.
Well I believe that this is how we all need to try to stay as much as possible now. Stay Heart Centred and Compassionate, Keep focussed on the wonderful things that people are doing, all the daily meditations and Healing groups that are sending Love and Light into our Worlds. Be part of this if you can even if that means sitting a few minutes just visualising the World full of people holding hands and Dancing in the streets. Maybe you can Raise your consciousness and help Transfer the Downloads by Visualising them coming down to Earth in rays of Beautiful White or Golden Light. By trying to stay calm and collected in the days ahead we can make a big difference to how soon this can come to fruition. I personally feel that these days are a tool to make the changes required for us to become Human Beings Being Human. As difficult as that may seem it is a fact that the Old World has to die before the New World can fully Manifest. So let’s unite in Positivity and Love and Shine Our Beacons throughout all the Worlds.

Out from the Darkness Into the Light
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