Words are an expression of our True Self

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Words are an expression of our True Self

Published by Marcusba in Messages · 27 March 2018
Our Words are an expression of our True Self

Today {22/01/18} whilst communicating with Archangel Metatron, I was made aware of something that I need to share with you all. It is very much related to ‘Kotodama’. Kotodama is the spiritual essence of some words, usually Holy Words. Although it relates mainly with the Japanese words, I see it relating to all the ancient languages such as Sanskrit and Hebrew. As a Kabbalist, I will vibrate some of the Hebrew words in a special way in the same way that some may vibrate the AUM in Sanskrit for instance. What I was told was this:-

• Words are an expression of your Thought.
• Your Thought is an expression of your Feelings.
• Your Feelings come from deep within, from your Stomach or Heart.

These feelings from your stomach are what we need to move on from. However, the feelings from your Heart always wants to connect with your Higher Self and your Soul and then SOURCE.
Let us say that we are in love with someone and wish to express this. So the Emotion goes up to your throat to be put into words. If we have a Clear Channel from Heart to Throat then what will, Manifest will be Words with Power that truly express your Feelings. If on the other hand, it is not a clear path. Then the words will be jumbled up and lose their Power and Meaning.
The Expression “Man Know Thyself” is a big part in this process as it opens up this channel, more and more as we go through the barriers of Learning about us.  I feel that this is quite a deep teaching and will need further pondering to get it on board.

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