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Arcturian Message

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When we look at the splendour of God’s Creation in the shape of a Rose, we can see All of God’s Gifts to us. The Rose is shaped perfectly for what it needs. As the sun shines on its leaves, it creates what the roots need for growth. As the petals open, it is akin to us Opening our Hearts to take in the Healing Rays of Light. As the rain falls into the flower, it feeds and cleanses both the petals and the roots.
So here we are at this time of Great Change. As we want so much to open our hearts, and shine our light into the World. This is our Duty, our aim, our need. To adhere to the laws we are subject to as Human Beings.
Now as we see all around and within us. There are Great changes going on that look like Dark Clouds. These things in the World are causing the CHAOS that this 3D World needs right now to enable the Shift to our New World and Life to Come.
These Feelings, worries and Concerns within us are so that we can do the same. We really need to Understand Living in our 5th Dimensional Consciousness if we are to Ascend. This means we also need this Chaos in us and our Lives to enable the changes to take place for Our Enlightenment.

Out from the Darkness Into the Light
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