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Arcturan Message

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Venus was once like earth with generations of beings who learned about existence and Source. This was as you know it, one of Humankinds rounds.  A place where the souls of Humans could exist and become like their ancestors had been. One day as is the human way destruction came about from greed and power and beings wanting to rule over all of gods kingdoms. Again this was the cause of their destruction. You would think that you would learn from this by now and indeed a lot of souls here today are testament to this. Those that have not now are spiritually in the minority even though their numbers may be greater at this time. However they will not ascend as you will be.
Our Venusian Brothers and sisters are always here if you call upon them and will always help you on the journeys you travail. Remembering that they too know this pathway so can assist you greatly. Their vibration is more similar to yours and so can assist you in feeling ways that are not ways for us to use. So do listen to their guidance when they come to you. These Radiant Beings of Love and Light are always here and reside in your Hearts.

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