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Arcturian Message

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These Days are the days of Tribulation, of one against the other. Days to separate the Meek from the others. These days will prove that “All is One” and no Body is separate from this OneNess. Even those of a dark nature cannot escape this fact. If however they do not repent when they finally see the Light of Unity, then their days will be no more on this plain.
Keep Shining your Lights, first inward to your own centre, then out into All the Worlds. The physical and Etheric Realms especially first. Each time you shine this Light, it will help those still sleeping to awake. It is not important that you see this happening or know them. Just knowing it is happening is reward enough.
These events to upset the harmony of souls are to upend you and leave you weak so that your energy is dispersed. Keep your energy pure, direct, and strong. Pointing into the Worlds without thought of good and bad. These thoughts of Duality will only cause Disharmony, when what we need is the opposite.

Out from the Darkness Into the Light
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