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Days of Change.

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There is one thing above all we should all be trying to do now. That is to stay in your Hearts… This sounds like an easy thing to do but the pressures that are building at times in our lives now are there to try to upend us. The thing is that as we are Light workers, it is important for us to move towards the darkness and shine our lights brighter than ever.
Now WTFh is actually going on at this moment in time. As I have mentioned previously I do not want to be sucked into the conspiracies real or unreal, I don’t want to go against the flow. However, I do feel that I do need to be saying something to help those of us that are struggling at this time.
So here, we are in a very strange world where we are being herded and locked up as well as having some of the very basic things about being Human stripped from us. As I have said very many times and it is because this is what my guidance keep telling me. That is that “Whatever is happening right now is to take us just where we are going to be needed to be”.  
It is like I said from the very beginning that we have run out of time to do things the old way and easier way using Karma and the likes. We now have a chance at becoming these Human Beings, Being Human. This new Being is going to be driven by totally different values and needs and so our world will need to change. The changes are ones that we cannot at this point in time understand and that is why certain systems are being used to cause the Chaos that is the tool being used to create this change.
It is not easy to make you understand this in words and Faith is the big thing that can help us here. Just remember, “In the Beginning God Created Heaven and Earth and Everything in it”. That everything is just that. Everything that we as humans think of as Good and not so good or worse. These parts, or the Yin and Yang are the means to make Creation out of Chaos.
First things are becoming more Yang as they are changing into less Yin and so forth. This is the method of Creation. So if we want to be a part of this new World Of Spiritual First Material Second. Then we have to learn how to embrace this Change that is happening today and moving it into its much more positive state.
We as the Way-Showers really need to be a good example in how to do this by Keeping this faith and acting in ways that we feel in our Hearts (not our brains) are going to help as many people as possible cope during these days of Change.
If you feel that you should be telling as many people about the Untruths that are being spread is a way to help. As forewarned is forearmed, this may be good for you to do.
We should also try to put out as much Positive Love-Light into the World as Possible. This is the way we can all be doing what is needed of us right now. We can all really make a difference by Sending Love and Light into all the things that we are perceiving as false or dangerous for us as Humans. If you feel that Prayer works for you and I believe, it does. Then pray for the best outcome for us all to reach this New World shortly with less suffering for all etc. Whichever way you FEEL is the best way to help this situation is what we should all be doing right now. Try not to be sucked into the Chaos but to be part of the Change that is needed.

See the video from Chaos to Harmony.

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