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Arcturan Message

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Breathe, each time you Breathe a new Epoch of Life comes into existence. With each Breath, a million cells die and new ones life’s begins. Your Blood and waters are transmuted and changed into life giving and waste energies. A Billion signals move throughout your neural network and cause reactions. What a Great Miracle Life for You is.
We cannot understand why with all this wonder and all these miracles, you Humans just waste so much of these miraculous moments. Each time you Breathe and become aware of the breath then do this:
Close your eyes and try to feel some of these things that are happening. Then say to yourself, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, for another Breathe of Life. Thank you for enabling me to just BE and be able to Exchange the Love of this World to others as well as myself. Thank You for allowing me to Vibrate at a frequency, which allows me to communicate with others like me. As well Beings of Light and Love. And most importantly of all, Thank You for letting me have another Breath.

Out from the Darkness Into the Light
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