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A Little bit More Light

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About three weeks ago, I put a new video out called “A Little bit of Light”. I must say that I am unsure how many actually got the, message that I was trying to put out there. Maybe some would have gone a few minutes and thought it may not be for them. If that was you, please try to get past that point this time and have another listen. However, we are now seeing a lot more of what I was trying to expound on, especially with the so-called Corona virus. This had only really come into the media at the time and I did not want to really put it out there. Main reason being not to feed the negativity. However, we really do need to address these fears now before we allow it all to get out of hand. It really is up to us all to do something about this situation.
After all, we are Light-workers, because we work “In the Light”. This is what we all have the ability to do that is to Shine this Light into, around and through the World. This is the best way for us to make positive changes in Our World. Not to sit talking about the ways to protect ourselves and how the stock market is collapsing because of it. If we do that, we are just going into the Darkness from whence the Fear came. I am not advocating not taking sensible hygiene and other precautions that goes without saying. Just not to allow ourselves to be embroiled in the Fear that it can create if we let it.  The video is about Sending Love not Fear into Our World because “Life is what we Make it”.

Owen K Waters put a lovely blog out today regarding all this and a lovely easy exercise that we can all do to help this situation as well as all the others that are showing themselves now as we move closer to our Higher Consciousness Awareness to become Human Beings, Being Human.
See link below why not try it.

One Step at a Time

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Out from the Darkness Into the Light
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