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Welcome to our site, our purpose is to assist people in Ascension Guidance and Healing. I have been inspired to put this together as we all really need to be aware of just what is going on in this moment in space and time. The Dawn of a New Age.
Wayitis is just about that. The wayitis. The main aim is to help people to become aware of just what we are all going through right now. What Ascension means for most people and how it may manifest quite differently to each individual. Each and every one of us is different, so it is no good giving blanket fixes for everyone especially where Ascension is concerned.
Some people are already at the door, have unlocked it, and are pulling it ajar. For them they may just need a nudge in the right direction. Some are starting to open the door but still a little apprehensive about what will be on the other side. Others and cowering behind the door afraid to even turn the key. Well this is why I and others are here now during these days to assist those in need of guidance. See "What we are Doing" .
I believe that the Lives we have been used to, of learning through karma (i.e. the cause and effect of our actions and non-actions through many lifetimes) has now ended. We are now in a totally New World. A World of Spirit first and material second. I myself and countless others have been waiting a long time to see this come to fruition. Well it is here now and one of the ways it is manifesting for us is through what is called Ascension.
So What is Ascension?
It is basically about Rising Up from the 3rd Dimensional existance we have been living in. To become a newer more Spiritually based Being, having greater access to the Higher Dimensions and Worlds. Living Life in a more Altruisic way. Understanding the Oneness that links us All to the One.
I have recently been inspired to write some Ascension  Songs , mostly quite upbeat to date, even rocky. All the lyrics so far are basically what comes through when I sing them with the music for the first time. I feel that they are being channelled to put the messages out there. Have a look at  WayitisMusic
So I am not a teacher but I am a guide. I can help some of you find just what you are looking for and what is missing.
The Healing can Help you in Finding Your "True Lifes Purpose". Assist you in Connecting to your Higher Self. Help you in bringing more Joy and Contentment into your Life each day. This is achieved by, Alignment of Body, Mind and Higher Self.
I have been very Blessed in Being Attuned to New Healing Modalities, Metatron and Arcturian Healing. These are two of the new wave of Healing Modalities that have been gifted to us.
The main purpose of this Healing is to Align you with your Higher Self. This also has an effect on the Physical, Emotional and the Mental bodies and will aid your overall Well Being and Re-Alignment. On some occasions, changes occur within days, both to people’s life situations and experiences as well as Wellness. This is also a very good way of clearing the Old Dross that we need to let go of at this time.
Archangel Metatron Healing is usually performed one on one, whereas Arcturian Healing can be performed, what I call remotely. You could be across the World or even on Mars and still receive the Effects from this Amazing Healing Light. This is achieved through use of  Skype or Messenger video calling to first contact the person and then to connect with them over the Ether to transmit the Healing Alignment. It usually puts people in a very blissful and calm state, so why not try it and see the effects for yourself. Have a look at the Testamonials in Nice Words .

Have a look at my some of my more recent  Youtube Video's to find out more about what I am thinking of Now.
I have recently  put a You Tube Video out, called "Stay in your Heart", please have a look and see if it helps in day to day life. Also a few days earlier, put this one on You Tube, "I think I need it Now!"  I Believe that it is probably one of the most important messages I have put out for quite a while to be honest. Please have a look and see if you agree?
There is a link on the top left of the page to this sites Youtube list also here is TheBainCLan You Tube Channel with a full listing of our videos.
Also if you are in need of some deep thought have a look at my Messages page. I have recently added "Stay in the Light" which I feel is very Apt for today.
Human Beings, have forgotten who we are and where we came from. This is mainly through all the conditioning we have been through for whatever reasons in the Eons gone by. We are now finally coming back to Human Beings, Being Human, which is just what is happening today through Ascension. Humans Being their True Selves, connected to and no longer seperated from the Source of "All That There Is". As we are getting closer to the higher dimensions we are able to do Wondrous things, such as create the World we want to live in. Live Healthier more fruitful lives and help those less fortunate than ourselves even more.

Out from the Darkness Into the Light
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