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Wayitis - Ascension Guidance and Healing

Because this is just the WAYITIS!
Welcome to our site, our purpose is to assist people in Ascension Guidance and Healing. I have been guided to put this together as we all really need to be aware of just what is going on in this moment in space and time. The Dawning of a New Age.
This New Age is Now upon us as we experience the Lion's Gate being fully Open on 08/08/22. Have a look at my new video on this Lion’s Gate Awakening”. We are finally becoming what I was told about in 2018 that is Human Beings, Being Human. The main reason for us becoming this is because we are having new Strands as well as previously used Strands of DNA Opening in the very near future. Now in fact for some and for others definately starting this year.

My Initial guides where Archangels, especially Archangel Metatron, Iophiel and Uriel, who are still guiding me now. Later joined by Star Beings known as Arcturians. They are all what I refer to as "Beings of Light and Love". Their Guidance has assisted me greatly in my Healing abilities and my Foresight and Knowings. They Guide and advise me as they do others and their only reason for this is Love.
Look in "Messages" on the left, to connect to some of the recent messages from These Beings of Light and Love through me.
So I am not a teacher but I am a guide. I can help some of you find just what you are looking for and what is missing.


The Healing can Help you in Finding Your "True Life’s Purpose". By assisting you in Connecting to your Higher Self. Helping you by bringing more Joy and Contentment into your Life each day. This is achieved by the Alignment of Body, Mind and Higher Self, which also results in Well Being. As Humans, we are supposed to be living each day in Joy. One of the goals of this Healing is to enable people to "Love the Life they Live" and "Live the Life they Love"

By way of a demonstration I have recently added my "Healing Alignment" video onto The Bain Clan You Tube channel. This is to help those that may benefit from this at this time. It is only a taster so if you need to get a full Zoom Session with me please have a look at the Healing Page (top left).                                                                   

You Tube Videos
I  recently  put a You Tube Video out, called "Man Know Thyself" This was January 2022 and may help in Understanding of things in our World.
Also it has been two years since the following videos where put out. However they are just as valuable today as then so have a look.
"Keep the Fear out of Ear"   please have a look and see if this helps in these times of so much Fear in the world. It is about sending Love and Light into the World and not feeding the Darkness through Fear.
Also, "A Little bit of Light"  I Believe that it is probably one of the most important messages I have put out for quite a while to be honest. Please have a look and see if you agree? Beacause "It Only takes a little bit of Light to make a Dark World Bright".
There is a link on the top left of the page to this sites Youtube list also here is TheBainClan You Tube Channel with a full listing of our videos.


N.B. Have a look at Our website TheBainClan.uk which has recently been revamped. Wayitis site will however remain active, as there will be other work  from me on here. Have a look and see all the extra things that are on offer there, as you may find just what you have been looking for, such as:
Crystals for sale, How To's, Meditations for adults and children. Karin’s fantastic E-Book of Crystal Nets and much more......

Also on Clubhouse on "Ascension The Wayitis" Club.


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Out from the Darkness Into the Light
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