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Where are we going


Where are we Going

So I am "Old School” and see things like this. What we used to spend hours, days weeks or months in preparation and meditation to lift our consciousness up through the layers of conscious awareness we call the "Worlds" in the "Tree of Life" Systems. We can or soon will be able to do in an instant through Will alone. "I wish it and so it will Become Manifest". I will be feeling Closer to GOD and the Higher Realms. I will be more attuned to my Light Body and be truly in that. This is what the Merkabah Riders have been doing all this time. Now we will All be able to DO and BE IT.....

Transmitted through me from Archangel Jophiel 27/2/17

Ok so I have put it out there now. Yes, I am communicating with Several Light Beings that we call Archangels. I am Very Blessed that my Strongest of these connections is with Archangel Metatron who guides me in my Ascension Journey. This is actually the same for all people who wish it as Archangel Metatron does indeed Guide all those on their Ascension Journeys. He also allows me to transmit one of his Healing Rays that I am very Blessed to be attuned to. It is said and I believe it to be so, that Archangel Metatron was in fact the being from the Bible called Enoch. When he was taken up to Heaven and indeed God, he was given amongst other things the task of Guiding Mankind. He was given this, as he had been a Man and so understood the task at hand better.

In the past, I have always been wary of Individuals who have stated the above. Firstly are they quite with us, and if they are channelling these Beings, then who is to say that they are actually who they say they are? All I can say is that I now Know the Answer to the second point. Please make of this as you will but there are a great many individuals who are doing this and that is because we need all the Help we can get right now. There have always been Beings of Light and Love helping and Looking after us. This is nothing new, in fact quite the opposite. Today so many of us have raised our consciousnesses up to the levels approaching 5th Dimension and above. This has enabled us to be able to Feel and Hear those Beings who have always been there but most often not been heard.

Out from the Darkness Into the Light
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