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My Ascension Music

Ascension Guidance

My Ascension Music

Have a look and listen to my new Music Videos on WayitisMusic, You Tube Channel. These songs are all about the Ascension Processes we are going through in these Days of Change. All the Lyrics are basically given to me as I sing them. I do feel also that some of the Music has also been channelled.
I was guided last year to write these Ascension  Songs , mostly quite upbeat to date, even rocky.
All the lyrics are basically what comes through when I sing them with the music for the first time. I feel that they are being channelled to put the messages out there. Have a look and listen at  WayitisMusic.

I have recently finished my second Album of Video Songs on WayitisMusic called Time to Wake Up. The idea behind this album is to help those who have still not woken up yet, to do so. My guidance says that the lyrics as well as some of the music will be like a key for those people to assist them in waking up to their New selves. Have a listen and let me know what you feel.
Here is a taster track from the second Album "Time to Wake Up" called  "Above the Wavy Waters"

Also have a listen to my latest song on My Ascension Music, "Golden Light Shining Through"

This is a  new song called "Golden Light Shining Through".  It is about ways to grow and glow during these days of Change. Have a listen to the lyrics and you will see what I mean.


"Feel the Light Shining Through On You.

Feel the Sight Coming Through to You.

Know what’s Right will be Flowing Through.

Day and Night It will shine from You ."

Out from the Darkness Into the Light
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