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Who Am I


Who am I

I Believe in a Divine Being that we call GOD,THE SOURCE, INFINITE BEING. A Creative Force of All that Exists in All of the Worlds.
I Believe in and have contact with Angelic Beings, who are Here to Help us.
I Believe that there is No Religion Higher than Truth.
I am here to Help and Assist those in need of Truth, for Guidance, Healing and Enlightenment.
I am a Reiki Healer and have also been attuned to New Types of Healing, which have been made available to us.
I also, as a Great Scouser once said, "Believe in Me, The Divine Light in Me. That is My Reality...”

My Name is Marcus, A.K.A. MArcturus.
A little bit about me:-

My present path is about offering Ascension Guidance and Healing for others. As for myself, my Spiritual Journey began around 1970, when I awoke.
I have studied many things of a spiritual nature since then from Eastern Philosophies, Theosophy, Spiritual Healing and Kabbalah to name but a few. In about 2012, I finally became my True Self and this has eventually enabled me to communicate with the Beings of Light and Love that are with us now. I was also guided onto my present path a few years later. My main connections are through Archangels but also some Star Beings as My Pseudonym MArcturus will allude to.
I help people on their Ascension Journeys through, One on One sessions of Guidance and Healing, as well as Workshops and Courses. Both the Healing sessions and Guidance can also be delivered remotely via Zoom, Skype and Messenger, wherever you are in the World.
I use two of the new Healing Modalities that have been gifted to us, namely Metatron and Arcturian Healing. Both of which help and guide people to connect more directly with their Higher Selves. This also has an effect on the Physical, Emotional and the Mental bodies and will aid your overall Well Being and Re-Alignment. Helping to open up new vistas for you also and helping people to find and live One’s True Life’s Purpose.
I live in the South East of the UK in a very beautiful part of the World and am very blessed with those around me.

Out from the Darkness Into the Light
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