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Hi, My Name is Marcus and this is a little bit about me:-

I Believe in a Divine Being that we call GOD. A Creative Force of All that Exists in All of the Worlds.

I Believe in and have contact with Angelic Beings, who are Here to Help us.

As a Theosophist, I Believe that there is No Religion Higher than Truth.

I am here to Help and Assist those in need of Truth, for Guidance, Healing and Enlightenment.

I am a Reiki Healer and have also been attuned to New Types of Healing, which have been made available to us.

I also, as a Great Scouser once said, "Believe in Me, The Divine Light in Me. That is My Reality...”

Although I may talk of GOD, there are a Myriad of Names that one may use as suits their understanding. Such as:-
The Infinite, The Creative Source, Divine Being, etc. The Truth Manifests to us in ways that suit our makeup and demeanour as well as our Understanding where we are in space and time Now!

Out from the Darkness Into the Light
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