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What is Ascension



We have been Ascending since those days that Adam and Eve where thrown out of the Garden of Eden. Some may even say they were pushed. Whatever the case we have come Down from our Higher State into a Lower State of existence. Let's face it, this is the Myth and there is no doubt some truth in this story. What we can say though, is that we are now Heading Back to where we belong. Closer to the Source of All Things, to the Oneness. However now we are fully ready to rise back up but with the whole Arsenal, which Physicality has given us about Reality and more importantly Co-Creation.
Ascension is about Rising Up from the 3rd Dimensional existence we have been living in. Allowing our Consciousness to be ever present in the 5th Dimension more and more each day. To become a newer more Spiritually based Being, having greater access to the Higher Dimensions and Worlds. Living Life in a more Altruistic way. Understanding the Oneness that links us all to the One. To be doing what is needed for the good of all not just the good of self.

Human Beings, have forgotten who we are and where we came from. This is mainly through all the conditioning we have been through for whatever reasons in the Eons gone by. We are now finally coming back to Human Beings, Being Human, which is just what is happening today through Ascension.
Humans Being their True Selves connected to and no longer separated from the Source of "All That There Is". As we are getting closer to the higher dimensions, we are able to do wondrous things, such as create the World we want to live in. Live Healthier more fruitful lives and help those less fortunate than ourselves even more.

The Healing and Workshops as well as the online courses and meditation’s I provide is all about the above. To assist those individuals who are ready to start or continue their Journey. Also checkout our Patreon offerings for more assistance with all of the above.

Out from the Darkness Into the Light
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