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I feel that it is not my Job to do what so many others are doing and in a way, that far exceeds anything, I could do. So I am adding some links below that you may find of Interest if you wish to pursue this Path in more detail and with better Understanding.

Links that may be of Interest:-

1st and without whom none of this, may have been Possible, My Beloved, Beautiful Gem of a Wife, Best Friend and Partner.

Lynda Light or as I like to call her Lynda Full of Light, whom like me says it as it is.

Inspirational Words :- A great Guide and Mystic Teacher and the One that suits Me best right Now!

Also A big Thank You for My Best Friend and Fount of Knowledge Robert Torry, without whom I may not have heard of Owen above or a great many other things I might add.
Out from the Darkness Into the Light
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