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Ok so Why "wayitis"?  Some things are just Meant to Be - it is the “wayitis”

There are so many Questions for us all now, and each time I ask myself one, such as.
Why is there so much Chaos all over the World in this time?
It's just the wayitis so that we can learn the way forwards for us as we move towards the New Age.

Why are there UFO sightings each and every day all over the world now?
It's just the wayitis, if we want to Evolve from 3rd Dimension to 5th Dimensional Beings, we will need all the Assistance we can get.

What happened to allow Brexit and President Trump to Happen?
It’s just the wayitis, if we really want the Truth to finally be told we first have to be honest with ourselves. We need to vote with the Heart and not the Greed that has all so often been offered to us by Political Organisations who put Money and Power before People.

Well are you starting to get the Gist of it? Quite simply Times are Changing Really Fast now and we need to just accept the Truth when we hear it with the Heart Centre and not let the Brain and self get too involved. I have now learned that sometimes we just have to "Go with the Flow". That may also mean Accepting that we have to Move with the Big Changes that are Occurring and not trying to go against them. This does not mean go against what you truly believe to be right and just though. Practising Tai Chi Chuan and Aikido Weapons has taught me that if you want to change something, the best way is to Embrace it. Albeit only very very slightly so that you can Harmonise with it and move it to where it needs to be. I really feel that the Days of Reacting to Our own Karma has now ended and we need to walk towards Our Destinies with Open Arms and Embrace what is happening with an open Heart.

Out from the Darkness Into the Light
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