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Ascension Guidance


Tunbridge Wells Theosophical Society -  September 5th 2018

Talk for Karins Crystal Circle 28/10/17

Let us think about a diamond, a cut diamond has many facets or sides and when they are cut just right and then Polished, and then Polished again in time they become a very beautiful object also one that looks very different from the different angles it can be seen from even though it is the same One Thing. So imagine that we are now talking about not a piece of carbon but Our Consciousness and how through the work that we do to raise our awareness and our understanding of things we are bit by bit Polishing the many Facets of Our Consciousness. Close your eyes a second and try to imagine a large cut diamond the size of your brain say. Just above your head. Let us think of this as our Consciousness floating above us. Each side is cut and polished to perfection except one on the right lower hemisphere which is still dull. This facet may be say our ability to jump in and out of 5th Density at will or the ability to communicate with those aspects of people that are no longer here in the Physical. You decide what you want it to be!  Whatever it is, all we have to do is get some very fine diamond emery paper and polish it ever so gently until it shines like all the others. “Voila” it is done. You can open your eyes again now.
That is just what we do whilst on the Path to enlightenment, the more our diamond shines the greater a Beacon of Love and Light we are for others, and a better example we are also. The more facets of ourselves that have been enlightened the easier it is for us to light our way of Equilibrium ahead of us. The more polished we become the easier people can communicate and trust us with their Issues. You are all becoming Way Showers through the Guidance of Karin and her many Helpers. In times to come people may be calling on you for help and guidance, that is just the wayitis.

Theosophical Talk 3/5/2017

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