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Just What is Happening


What is Happening

Well What Is It ALL About? We are all asking much the same thing at present aren't we!
Has everyone in the World gone Mad or are we just seeing and observing the Changes that we are undertaking.
N.B. I wrote the above in 2017 and we are now noticing just how true this statement was then and it is even more so Now.

Well it’s actually a bit of both. The trick is to Move towards the Chaos with an Open Heart and the Belief that you are Embracing whatever is coming towards you. It’s time for us all to Stand Up and be Counted Now. That is Counted and Be Counted Upon. Don’t just sit and Watch the Chaos unfolding but move towards it and Embrace it. The knack is to use Love and Light inasmuch as the Aikido Master would Harmonise with the Blade of the attacker and in Tai Chi Parlance "Use 3 Ounces to Move 1000 Pounds". There are a Myriad of Beings of Light and Love who are Here Right Now and all they want to do is to Help Us. Star Beings as well as Angelic Beings and Elementals, they are here to assist us in these Days.

Ok So don't just stand there watching. Move it back with your Intention or it's the End Of The Road for You matey!

Out from the Darkness Into the Light
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