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Don't Worry stay Happy

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Hello Dear Friends, there is something I really feel a need to share with you all. It happened the other day whilst chatting to my Tai Chi Students after our relaxation meditation. The end of the meditation takes us to a place that puts a smile on our face and made or makes us feel really happy and joyful. I was suddenly taken over by spirit or emotion and told them how important it is to stay in the Now. The point being not to worry about things that have not happened yet. It is oh so easy for us as human beings to be drawn into a negative state by thinking like this. We have all done it at some time, I am sure. Thoughts like:-
  • what if my partner gets sick or has something happen to them? - then worry about it.
  • What if my child catches chicken pox? - then worry about it
  • What would I do if I lost my job? - then worry about it.
All these negative thoughts easily overtake our being. We then change from Humans Being to Negative Paranoid Being. So Please Please do not worry about things that have Not even Happened Yet. They are not Real. Ok so sometimes we have to be sensible and take precautions to prevent something happening, I am not talking about that. I am referring to worrying about or getting into a depressive state about something that not only has not happened yet, but also more importantly will probably never manifest itself. All we are doing is Lowering our Vibration, plus making it a tad easier for it to actually manifest itself.
So sometimes these events may become a reality and then we may need to give it some thought and energy, but Always in a positive way in regards what can be done. For those on the path we are aware of the difficulty in raising our levels but so easily forget about how to prevent the Sideways and Downwards scenario. Whilst I was telling them this, I was completely overwhelmed with sadness and had to try to hold the tears back. The reason being that it is such an Awful Waste of our Precious Human Life. We are all Co Creators and need to spend our time now sending out Love and Light into the World, not worrying about some event that is not real. We need to stay in the Light and Radiate the Light as much as Possible. Be as Joyful as possible, have a laugh as much as possible.
Don't Worry- Be Happy. Mmm good name for a song that...........
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