Time to Stand Up and be Counted

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Time to Stand Up and be Counted

Published by Marcusba in Messages · Thursday 03 Aug 2017
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Ok so I was given this the other day and at first thought it was me thinking and writing it, until the second paragraph.

For everyone I Transmit Healing to, this is so that you can do the same to others in the days to come. You will all be needed to help those worse off than yourselves. Just forget for a moment about your perceived troubles and help those in need who come to you. Forget your own needs and let them go, Anyone who has raised their vibration now ,has done so for a reason that is to Help those that can make the Shift in Consciousness before their time runs out.

I am Archangel Metatron, all the Angels in GODs Universes have been working tirelessly for Aeons to help you his children become just what you are now becoming. Yes Men Playing Gods. Or more precisely Men Being Gods. You will not get any more chances at this so please try to get it right this time. Be Selfless and think only of Gods Divine plan for his Creation, not about your needs and wants. This time has well passed and cannot be re-lived anymore. We and all those Beings of Light and Love are here now as we have always been, to help and assist you in this. But there is only so much we can do. We have given you the tools so now go out there and use them. As Important as Mankind is it cannot and will not stop the Evolution of All that There Is. We need you and want you with us but cannot keep dragging you along. So take the stand and be what is required and needed at this special time in all our Histories.

Out from the Darkness Into the Light
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