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Arcturan Message - Star Nations

Star Nations are all the Beings of Light that are in Our Known Universe. Of Course, even we have things that are hidden from us, until we reach our new levels. The Known Universe has Billions of Galaxies and Star systems. Many of which have beings who like Ourselves are Caretakers of Space and Time. As well as the many Beings, that exist in too many worlds to mention. Of course you will believe that the Earth Beings are the most important as you mainly exist in the lower what we call Dimensions, however there are a Great Many who are like you. In as much they are transitioning into the finer Consciousness and Dimensions. Now that said Gaia your Planet is a different matter. She is Special for us as we have many reasons to maintain her Ascension Journey. You too as cells of Gaia are therefore Special for Us for this and other Reasons.
Do not worry about what is coming as it is as we have said many times and we know you understand it this way. “You cannot make an Omelette without Breaking some Eggs”.
MArcturus | 03 Jul 2022

Venusian Beings message

We are still connected to the physical; we are high 4th Dimensional Beings without a physical body. What you refer to as Etheric Beings if you will. As such, we are very connected to all of the Love Light in the Universe and Radiate that out to all Beings. Even some Star Beings receive this from us; this is our Gift and our True Purpose. We Serve Source in Love, Love and Compassion, The Master you call Jesus was Our Seed as was George King and many others. You are all welcome to connect with us. We just ask that you stay in your Hearts without Judgement and just to Trust. We will send you some of this Love Light Now. Just breathe naturally and it will come to you
MArcturus | 27 Jun 2022

Arcturan Message

Your World today is full of Chaos and Uncertainty, like we have said before this is so that you can Understand how Life has been for you all up to now. This will allow all of you, at the right time to see the way Life can be for you in this Heavenly Sphere you call Earth. All the wonders and miracles of Life on your planet are taken for Nought and being wasted and destroyed. So that a few Outsiders benefit in their Greed and Unsavoury needs.
The Changes that you are seeing as Chaos are in fact the means to an End. The way for Ordinary People to finally realise how much they have been deceived and for how long. Those waking up now in Ascension have known this but others will soon see the Wood for the Trees. As the numbers grow, change will be possible for you to make.
Do not think Western Peoples are in the knowing in this, as it is actually those of a less advanced society that will lead the way. They are closer to Source in many ways and do not think so much, but just see and accept.
MArcturus | 17 Jun 2022

Good Friday Night Light

Archangel Metatron MessageI am speaking now because you need to Hear and Understand this. All that you know is Real will soon be changed. The things that you no longer need…
Marcusba | 15 Apr 2022
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