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Arcturan Message - Star Nations

Star Nations are all the Beings of Light that are in Our Known Universe. Of Course, even we have things that are hidden from us, until we reach our new levels. The Known Universe has Billions of Galaxies and Star systems. Many of which have beings who like Ourselves are Caretakers of Space and Time. As well as the many Beings, that exist in too many worlds to mention. Of course you will believe that the Earth Beings are the most important as you mainly exist in the lower what we call Dimensions, however there are a Great Many who are like you. In as much they are transitioning into the finer Consciousness and Dimensions. Now that said Gaia your Planet is a different matter. She is Special for us as we have many reasons to maintain her Ascension Journey. You too as cells of Gaia are therefore Special for Us for this and other Reasons.
Do not worry about what is coming as it is as we have said many times and we know you understand it this way. “You cannot make an Omelette without Breaking some Eggs”.
MArcturus | 03 Jul 2022
Out from the Darkness Into the Light
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